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DIY Soil Testing

Testing your soil can be a good way to ensure that you’re maintaining healthy soil season after season. Our new property came with an existing small fenced in garden, and I decided to test the soil to see what I had to work with. You can have your soil tested professionally by your local extension […]

Guide to Buying Started Plants

Normally I start my garden plants myself in the late winter. However, we were planning on moving, and with this crazy market, not knowing when, where, or what my garden options would be, I decided against seed starting this year, and to just buy whatever started plants I may need after we moved. I can’t […]

Why You (Yes, YOU) Should Plant a Fall Garden

While the mosquitoes are rampant and the humidity is sweltering, fall isn’t a blip on the radar. But cooler weather and pumpkin spice everything will be here before we know it. A few weeks ago I wrote a post on how to plan a fall garden (if you haven’t seen it, you can read it […]